The Anatomy of Firearms

Manufactured firearms today come in different sizes and shapes to fit into multiple uses. Surprisingly, there was a time when the forensic pathologists didn’t have to face such crisis dealing with the firearms. It is because these had fewer models mechanisms and types. In the modern times these come in variety of options and style. For instance, there are automatic weapons as well as semi-automatic weapons manufactured for military use. But in this era, you can find any type of guns in the street or used by youths involved in gangs or crimes. Click here if you want to know more.

Talking about the different types of guns, the first is the hand gun. This is one of the most compact and popular self defense weapons. Even though people use these guns for target shooting or hunting, it is designed keeping self -defense in mind. The best thing about these guns, these are extremely easy to carry. The most interesting thing about it, you can use to shoot at your target without fail. Since most users cannot be sure of a first hit, these guns allow you to shoot multiple shots. There are two most common hand guns in use. These are semi automatic pistol and double action revolver. Want to know more? Read more here.

Apart from hand guns, revolvers are the next in line of popular firearms. The best thing, these are extremely easy to use, lightweight and come in simple design. Apart from this, the revolvers are also easy to master, even for a novice. The revolvers with few parts are in fact, accurate than the semi automatic pistols. However, these allow you to shoot about six shots. Well, in simple words, these are what you have mostly seen in movies. Go online to read more of this.

These are only a few of the firearms; there are various other types used in the modern times. In case that was not enough for you, you can visit this website to read more.

Why Every Civilian Needs CHL Training

What do you do if you’re walking in an alley and a robber sneaks up on you, punches you in the face and runs away with your wallet and other belongings?

What if you’re sitting at home, all comfy and at ease with no hurried intentions or insecurity and all of a sudden, you’re a victim of uprising burglaries in your neighborhood?

What if you’re in your car, windows down, listening to music and waiting for the signal to turn green when all of a sudden, a guy lunges his hands into your car, grabs whatever he can and runs away?

What if you’re shot at when you deny a robber any of your belongings?

All these questions can be answered with one simple reply – A concealed handgun. A concealed handgun obviously needs a license in order for you to use it and injure any rascal who tries to bring you harm in any form. However, to obtain a concealed handgun license, you first need to get CHL training. If you are interested in learning about laws regarding CHL training, click here.

CHL training allows you to master the skills of shooting and injuring any burglar or robber that tries to snatch things away from you at their own notorious will. A CHL training includes various ways you can conceal a handgun while on the go. It can be in your pant, shoe, under your sleeve and so on. For more ways to learn where you can conceal your handgun, click here.

CHL training centers are not easy to find and when found, they are not easy in letting anybody register. These are of course, their own security concerns as imagine a robber coming to a CHL training center to receive a concealed handguns license. If he is successful, he can easily carry a concealed handgun and do whatever he wants with it, including robbing anyone at free will. So, to look for CHL training centers, visit thid website.

Loaded Firearms Found in OK Airports

Two loaded firearms were found at TSA checkpoints at Tulsa International Airport and the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma. No arrests were made yet. Read the full story here.

Tips to Find Original AR-10 Parts and Accessories

Do you collect vintage guns? Or are you simply passionate about these weapons and would want to hang one on your living room as a decorative? Either ways, the AR-10 ArmaLite is definitely one of your best choices. This lightweight and automatic rifle was introduced a few years after the Second World War ended. Their main purpose back then was to develop a rifle that perfectly combines power and speed without compromising weight in the process. This model is a complete success and was put to the test during the Angolan war. However, finding original AR-10 parts and accessories nowadays might be a bit tricky. Aside from the fact that the production of this type of rifle has been stopped decades ago, only a few units survived the Angolan war undamaged. If you still insist in seeking for this vintage rifle, read more and discover a few helpful tips.

Gun collectors consider the internet as their best friend. It’s a place where you can find virtually anything being sold. Just make sure you check the background of an online shop before finalizing a purchase. Keep in mind that although the internet is a good source of vintage guns, only a few of the offers you can find there are actually real. As much as possible, you should stay away from online dealers that sell guns and accessories at a very low price. AR-10 parts and accessories to be specific are quite rare so expect them to be a bit expensive. Garage sales are also good opportunities to finally complete your AR-10. Just be patient and let your luck do the work. You can try a much aggressive approach by personally asking friends who might be related to a war veteran. Back in the days, soldiers can bring their guns home to serve as a remembrance of their service. Who knows you might find a war hero who is more than willing to share his gun to you and the amazing tale that comes with it.

If you tried all the methods mentioned earlier and nothing went your way, click here to know other secrets successful vintage gun collectors use.

AR-15 Overview

AR-15 is legendary American rifle based on earlier AR-10 and designed by Eugene Stoner, Jim Sullivan and Bob Fremont in 1957. It’s a light-weight rifle with 5,56mm/.223 caliber bullets. It’s air-cooled and comes with rotating lock-bolt. Some versions are actuated with gas while others use piston operations, depending on the manufacturer (Colt, Sig Sauer, Adams Arms, Sturm Ruger etc, if you want to see the full list of AR-15 manufacturers click here).

AR-15 was designed by ArmLite, but later its design rights were bought by Colt and in 1959 it became the M16, official service rifle of Army, Navy , Air Force and Marine Corps. Colt continued to sell semi-automatic AR-15 to civilians and law-enforcement agencies. For the full history of this rifle click here.

AR-15s semi-automatic rifle looks almost the same as M16, but it comes with significant changes in bolt carrier, internal receiver and firing mechanism to prevent conversion to full-automatic. AR-15 comes in many configurations that sometimes include some extra features like sniper sights. It also comes in different sizes, from shorter models of carbine size to full-size heavy barrel models. Its design also allows users to change its upper receiver, which leads to vast variety of barrels with different sizes and calibers that can be used, like: 6,8 Remington, .223 Remington 5,56x45mm, 6,5 mm Grendel etc. Visit the official website for more information or simply click here.

Majority of AR-15 rifles available in United States come with 12-28″ threads barrel and use muzzle devices such as flash suppressor, sound suppressor etc. In some areas where the usage of flash suppressors is banned, buyers use compensators or muzzle brakes.

Ownership of AR-15 rifles is legal in United States. Some states like: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Connecticut regulate ownership and possession of AR-15 rifles by restricting some additional features or rifles made by certain manufacturers. There are also restrictions on lower receivers for AR-15 rifles, which are considered a firearm, by US law regulations.
For more information on AR-15 click here or visit this website.

Why You Should Own a Gun

Owning a firearm is your right but there are many who think otherwise. Well, in this post I’d like to discuss the benefits that come with owning a gun and hopefully there will be a few converts.

Some people will argue that we have the police to protect us from the “bad guys”. Let’s be realistic, if your home is invaded in the middle of the night by a bunch of thugs, how long do you think it will take the boys in blue to come to your rescue after sending an SOS; 10 minutes, 20, 30? Well one thing’s for certain, they won’t teleport to your doorstep in the blink of an eye. So there you are with your baseball bat with two or three well armed thugs closing in on you; let’s face it, you don’t stand a chance.

Now if you had a gun in the aforementioned scenario the story would be totally different. All you would need to do is fire one or two shots and all your attackers will scamper for safety, never to show up at your premises again; problem solved. Sounds too easy, well it is. Needless to say, owning a gun significantly increases your chances of surviving in this crazy world we live in and that’s exactly why it is your right.It is worth noting though that guns aren’t just for personal protection. Depending on what you are packing, you can hunt; take part in shooting competitions among a host of other fun activities.

Of course it wouldn’t be wise to just wake up one day and purchase a gun. Firearm training is necessary for anyone who is interested in becoming a gun owner. If you own a firearm but don’t know how to handle it then you are danger not only to yourself but also to those around you.

Ammunition History

Richard “Dick” Speer who was born in 1915 and died 1994, had the talent for mechanics. He used to work at Boeing Aircraft plant, when he realized that his brother’s bullet business was working very well. He got into the business with his brother whereby they made ammunition together. By 1951 Speer had already left his brother and had a new partner, Arvid Nelson. On this year they started Cascade cartridges, inc, or CCI. Dr Victor Jasaitis was hired by Speer the same year because he was good in explosive chemistry. In 1959 Cascade Cartridges, Inc, started making powder actuated fastener systems. By 1962 Cascade cartridges grew to rimfire ammunitions and had Mini-mag. In 1967 Dick Speer sold his company to Omark Industries and Oregon firm. In 1986 Engineers at Cascade Cartridges, Inc, started a program on comprehensive primer improvement that had already started to dominate the reloading market. In 1989 they had introduced in market automated equipments. The company made an advanced hypervelocity 22 Magnum Rimfire. To date the company has continued to make more modern rimfire products in the United States of America.

Chiopotle Bans Guns

If you want a burrito from Chipotle, make sure you leave your gun at home. After an open carry demonstration at a restaurant in Dallas, Chipotle asked its customers to leave their guns at home. Read the full store here.

History of Firearms

For a considerable length of time man has been captivated with the thought of propelling a shot and has created more effective methods for doing so.

The creation of gunpowder prompted the advancement of firearms. Gunpowder initially showed up being used in China about a thousand years back, yet was utilized principally as a part of fireworks and just carefully in weapons intended for military utilization.

Notwithstanding, once the viability of shots induced by the energy of gunpowder beside both the protective layer of knight-warriors and fortresses was known, the utilization of firearms expanded quickly.

Gunpowder, prepared of a combination of sulfur, charcoal, with saltpeterowes its dangerous power to the way that 1 mole of robust powder will, when touched off, create 6 moles of gas. This quick development in the encased room of a metal tube could be utilized to drive a shot at high velocity in a specified bearing. Current gunpowder is essentially a refined adaptation of the ancient substance in which the synthetic arrangement has been changed to give the best development the most modest amount and the slightest deposit. The assembling of up to date powders is institutionalized enough that gunpowder deposit could be examined by systems which recognize particular segments, which can help the criminological researcher extraordinarily.

How is Ammunition Categorized

Ammunition is a collective term used to refer to artillery and gunpowder. Ammunition is used to describe cartridges, missiles, bombs, landmines and other artillery used during battle. The power stored in the projectile and is usually determined by the power of the gun and the type of projectile. Ammunition such as bullets are dispersed at speeds that are determined by the size of the gun muzzle and the weight of the bullet. Ideally, a heavy bullet dispersed from a smaller muzzle will travel at a more speed than a light bullet from a big muzzle.

The muzzle of the gun also determines the speed and the power that the bullet. A more heavier bullet makes a higher speed vis a vis a right bullet and makes more impact during dispersion. Ammunition and arms include rifles, revolvers, pistols, carbines and to the larger extent machine guns that provide much more power. of soft steel.

Cartridges come in different types and sizes. The shape of the ammunition is also variant and ranges in diameter depending on the use for the ideal purpose. Rimfire ammunition cartridges has the capacity to travel to a length of above 1400 feet per second which produces enormous speed and accuracy. These cartridges are quicker when dispersed from a smaller muzzle to create more kinetic energy to propel the ammunition.

Ammunition types and Characteristics
Cartridge, 5.56 mm with Trace m196
This cartridge is mainly found in the M16A rifle. This cartridge normally has an orange tip or reddish tips. The main uses of this is observing fire and ammunition signalling.
Cartridge, 5.56 mm, blank M200. This type of ammunition has no operational projectile. It has a seven petal rosette crimp and displays a violet tip.

The short-range training M862 ammunition SRTA
This ammunition has to be used together with the M2 training bolt kit. The ammunition has a minimum range of operation and is used indoors. The maximum shot the ammunition can give is around 25meters distance.

Cartridge, 5.56mm, dummy M199
This ammunition can be used in virtually all rifles. This ammunition is mostly used during trainings and during dry firing. The cartridge has approximately six grooves each with a half inch from it’s tips.

To conclude there are several rules and regulations that control the handling and operation of arms and ammunition. It is important to study and go through the right protocols when purchasing the gun powder and other ammunition to prevent the risks that come with the set laws and regulations. If you are unsure which type of ammunition you need, visit our sponsors at

An Overview of Firearms

A firearm is a portable gun, used for shooting and often used as a weapon. However, it is also used for a shooting sport. This involves firing at a target. It has become an increasingly common recreational sport. Many clubs and associations have provided professionals to learners on how to use the firearms. Strict guidance is to be observed as firearms are dangerous if mishandled. It is the responsibility of both the tutor and the learner to take great caution when handling firearms. Before joining clubs, it is advised that a client ensure they have authorization to shoot with the firearms.

Shooters may use their firearms to go hunting. Hunting might involve deer stalking. There are limits to this kind of sport and one can be sued and jailed if caution is not observed. Firearms certification is done by the suited administration. Firearms are not borrowed like shoguns and thus for you to poses one you must have a permit. If you are found with a firearm and you are unable to account for its certification you are charged for illegal possession of the said firearm. These charges can make you liable to serve a sentence or pay a heavy fine. Shooters are advised to never point a firearm at anyone irrespective of whether it is loaded. Firearms should not be handed to someone unless they are directed by the range marshal to do so. Mostly it is important to ensure it is safe to shoot before taking a shot.

Many clubs have discipline codes for their members which are accordance to the rules and regulations of the constitution in regard to handling firearms. Every member of the club associated with target shooting must prioritize safety, to do this range marshals are availed to observe that safety is not put in jeopardy. Directions should be followed as instructed by the range marshal when handling firearms.  Check out our friends at Gun Corps if you want more information about firearms or anything firearm related!

Beneficial Details About Federal Firearms Licenses!

A ffl license are split into a few distinct groups of licenses. These three various taxation groups will assist you to determine if you are a seller, producer or importer of weapons.

Firstly, you will have to comprehend the laws and regulations that control companies enrolled within the sales and service of firearms. Within the Gun control Act, the ATF contains the consent to alter the weapons business. Anybody trying to get a ffl license through the ATF should manifest certain conditions needed by the Gun Control Act and only afterward he’s entitled to attain it.

Sportsmen or firearm collectors would like people to go when they have an issue regarding a gun, if they are seeking a gun to do a specific job, when they require a small service on his or her treasured hunting firearm, or when they’re wanting to obtain a brand new gun that they’ve been reading about. There are hardly any communities that contain firearm stores.

A ffl license is normally merely provided for company functions, so you’ve got to become enlightened about the way to get approval. It’s not possible to recieve an acceptance for any home FFL if you would like it for use on your use to supply your shelf with guns. Additionally you must adhere to the local and state laws once you have an authorization with the ATF. A home FFL supplies many benefits, no added expense to begin your business and products delivered directly to your home.

Tips for Buying and Collecting Guns

Preparing to purchase your first handgun is often rather daunting. They aren’t cheap. New handguns range in cost from $250.00 to $2,500.00. And to complicate the issue even more, there are various manufactures and choices. What is surely most confusing to someone not used to this field is always that for every single model of hand gun, one can find 3 gun journal authors informing their viewers that their particular brand or grade or gadget is the best, and 4 others stating that the gun involved could possibly get the reader killed.

Firearms are an creation that radically changed society. In fact, they are often thought of as the technology that marked the beginning of the modern era for humanity. Prior to weapons were discovered battles were basically won or lost based on the physical strength and size of the warrior. Soon after the innovation of firearms everything switched.

If you are a enthusiast of firearms then it’s important that you stay on top of gun values. This way you’ll know if you have found a good deal then when a particular gun is expensive. There are a variety of resources that you can use, to help you understand tendencies within the gun industry.

Older guns break up and age, therefore have to be substituted with non-authentic parts. If you are a collector, you need to stay clear of guns that do not have authentic parts. The best general guideline would be to stay away from weapons that do not have at the very least 90% of the authentic working pieces.

When you purchase from another enthusiast, you have a better chance of locating a top quality, rare item. Buying from enthusiasts also helps guarantee the weapon is looked after properly, and it’s also authentic. Hardly any true collectors will attempt to sell you something that isn’t the real deal, at least if they’ve got any self-respect. Gun collectors usually resell good quality items in to retain the trustworthy gun exchange around the country.

Very simple Rules of Weapon Shooting

Basic fundamentals ought to be perfected and used to reinforce your chances in the tough situation. If you believe of your training as being a pyramid, the fundamentals tend to be the cause of experience. Without having robust essentials, the structure will collapse under pressure.

Look at handgun knowledge. Basic fundamentals contain trigger control, sight positioning, drawing and safe handling. More complex skills include firing using your non-dominant hand, very low light shooting and weapons cross over exercises. Truth be told you can never become experienced in complex skills in the event your basic skills lack.

Open hand skills are necessary even when shooting is reasonable dependant upon the circumstances at hand. At extreme close quarters, it is likely you should produce the room necessary to deploy the handgun. A gun will only be useful if you’ve got the enough time to use it with no deflection. The draw action has to be identical physical motion, in spite of the space towards the danger or place through which one might find himself. Keep in mind that a rapid draw isn’t spastic appearing muscle adjustment; it is an exercise in insufficient unnecessary motion. Although many body spots may be used to possess a gun, sturdy side belt fitted carry will almost always be by far the most physiologically helpful given that the gun is attached to the exact same side as the shoulder, arm, elbow and hand which will undoubtedly draw and drive it to your threats.

South Carolina Passes Law Allowing Concealed Arms in Bars and Restaurants

The South Carolina House of Representatives passed 90-18 a bill that would allow concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Those who oppose the bill are asking for it to be delayed or postponed. Members of the public and lawmakers alike are concerned about mixing alcohol and firearms, although Rep. Mike Pitts “expects concealed weapon permit holders will follow the law.” (article here)

This will be an interesting bill to watch. I’d like to see what our friends at Gun Corps think about this act.

California Background Checks for Plastic Firearms

“Ghost guns” as they’re called have been found to slip through metal detectors which raises security concerns for many. In California, lawmakers are proposing legislation that would require background checks for anyone who builds plastic firearms and require some piece of permanent metal in the gun so it does not go past metal detectors.

Original story here.

Tips on Picking the Right Firearm

Choosing the right firearm involves many factors. Some of the factors include:

Purpose: home protection, hunting, etc

Size of Individual: it is important to find a firearm that fits your hand and body size

Price: prices vary by gun type, brand, and purpose

This article has useful information on choosing a gun.